(All I wanna do is need you – all I wanna do is please you – look
into my eyes and see – all I wanna do is make music for you babe)

Verse 1:
I live to ride with a beat by my side, get up ­ get silly, I’m about to
jump this off like Free Willy. drivin' around dropping the top,
jumpin’ out the car like Dukes of Hazard, I’m the Duke of Pussy
Juice, getting’ funky loose shaking my caboose, everybody
stares while my group rocks to hip hop, throwin’ there hands to
feel free, I don’t give a what. What u think I should be, I do it how
I do it, u do it just to do it ­ It makes no difference to me, just
don’t stare for too long B, for yo girl might follow Ur eyes strait
into mine, and see what U want but want it more, & Boy I can’t
ignore, U best look away, for today U had a lady , tomorrow she
says goodbye baby , goodbye haha

Chorus: Love Simulation, Love Simulation...

Let me see your body rock
Let the music move you
I never wanna make it stop
Only way to get through
I wanna know you Wanna hold you
Let me feel your body rock Oh. Oh oh
Get a hold of me - outta control another Patron
pineapple with that , booty so close I could touch it ,
blow u a kiss when you twist yo hips, blow my money
when u fuck like this , work so hard for my money
spend it all on ya hunny , I don't need no money ,
I'm juiced , rockin out my boots , flex , get it off yo
chest, move yo body don't fret , feel yo body ,
dont stress , express yo body ,
Don't stop - don't stop – don’t stop - don't stop...

Pay homage to the booty,I’ma Holla, Im a balla, whole lot of
booty and your shaking it right, Let me meet those cheeks, I’m
calling tonight, Bring it back, what you doing with a booty like
that, who dat with the booty , you there with the booty, would
you rock with me

Like that. Like that. Why u do It like that?
Come on baby, come on back ,touch me with your body when
you move like that , got me in the mood when you do that
do u, like u got something prove, I ain't stoppin, just
rockin' back and fourth side to side , no need to go crazy,
I got eye contact with this pretty lady, lookin like she wanna
have my baby, just maybe , ewww baby , you lookin' tasty so
shapely, awwww yeahh, do uuuuu...

Lookin' so nice , lookin' so right, hold u down tonight
she love it when i spit it, just get it ­ look U in your eyes when I
hit it, workin' it , Ur body just twerkin' it let
your body go let ur body roll come on baby come on baby let it go
baby I like u, fresh, lookin though breasts, bout to caress,
give me a sec, gotta catch my breath, wanna give u my best,
finin', dinin', bout to start whidin, grindin, oh so cool
baby I just wanna get wit u

I Am Lookin’ For Love
I Am Lookin’ For You
I Am Lookin’ For Love
I Am Lookin’ For You

So sexy, isn't it incredible, you look so edible , can u funk
though, or u just for look, cuz you noticed I ain't just a book...

its tight but im rocking it like a g , u better believe, its
fresh, like opportunity , I'ma mess like stress but i handle better
then the rest , make u smile when i get wild , make ur girl squirt
when i get to work, make u hate when I make a mistake , until I
shake , u join the earth quake, u began to move right , at first
sight ,it feels nice, u see it right , it’s like a movie reel,
the boobies are real, let the beat drop, hear the verse
rock, rippin' em' ,slacks & all, I'm killin' em' all, this is an original
knit, my grandma made this shit, take a picture of this shit, so u
remember this shit , I don't wanna have to tell u again u little
shit, don't make me handle this shit , in my sweater & shit , all
sweaty & shit , runnin' around teaching u manners & shit ,